About Us

Bartolomeo Caruso is the high jewelry collection in gold, diamonds and natural gems produced by Boutique del Gioiello srl.

The high jewelry of the Bartolomeo Caruso style center is a real work of art that expresses the creativity, passion and mastery of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade with precious materials and precious stones, following the original and innovative design of Bartolomeo Caruso. His creations are unique and unrepeatable, the result of a constant search for harmony and elegance. The high jewelry of the Centro Stile Bartolomeo Caruso is the perfect gift for those who love style, quality and exclusivity.

The high jewelery of the Centro Stile is a reality of excellence in the panorama of Italian jewelry. Founded in 1970 in Milan, the Boutique del Gioiello offers, under the Bartolomeo Caruso brand, unique and handmade masterpieces by Milanese goldsmith master craftsmen, using precious materials such as platinum, gold, diamonds and precious stones. The Centro Stile’s philosophy is to create jewels that are an expression of luxury and sustainability, respecting the environment and people. For this reason, Boutique del Gioiello uses only diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process and natural stones from ethical sources. Furthermore, the Centro Stile stands out for its ability to innovate and anticipate market trends, offering original and creative collections inspired by nature, art and culture. The high jewelry of the Centro Stile Bartolomeo Caruso is therefore a choice of quality and refinement for those who love jewelry that tells a story and conveys emotions.